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Best Recipe For Smoked Oysters

We all love to eat smoked oysters in the best restaurants around the globe, but we do not like to pay the prices that restaurants charge for them. Therefore, we present a plan for smoking your own oysters.

Prep Time1 hr
Cook Time2 hrs
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Oysters
Servings: 1
Calories: 110kcal


  • Stiff-bristled brush
  • Gloves
  • Oyster knife
  • Non-metallic pan large enough that all the oysters fit in a single layer
  • Ice chest
  • Large non-metallic spoon
  • Medium saucepan for making infusion oil
  • Air-tight bottle for storing oil
  • Vegetable grill rack for smoker
  • Smoker
  • Wood chips
  • Cookie sheet


Brine Ingredients:

  • 3/4


    Non-iodized salt

  • 1.5


    Brown sugar

  • tbsp Black pepper

  • 1/2


    Soy sauce

  • tbsp Tabasco or other hot ​sauce

  • 3

    Bay leafs

  • 1

    tbsp Garlic powder

  • 1

    cup Brandy

  • 1

    tbsp Onion powder

  • 1.5

    Gallons water

Infusion Oil Ingredients:

  • 1

    cup Vegetable or olive oil

  • 2

    tbsp Red chili flakes

  • 3

    Dried Ancho chili peppers

Other Ingredients Needed:

  • Cooking Spray

  • Ice


  • In a large non-metallic pan, combine all the ingredients for the brine.

  • Stir until all ingredients are dissolved.

  • This may take awhile as the sugar may not easily dissolve, and you do not want it stuck on the bottom of the pan.

  • Put on the heavy gloves as raw oysters have very sharp points.

  • Use the bristle brush to wash the oysters under running water.

  • Make sure to scrub them well to get all the dirt off.

  • Hold the oyster so that the cup side is down in the palm of your hand with the hinge facing toward you.

  • Place the blade of the knife inside the oyster near the hinge.

  • Twist the knife rolling it under the edge of the shell until the top shell and the bottom shell are two different pieces.

  • Lift off the top and remove the oyster putting it in the brine.

  • Put two tablespoons vegetable oil in medium saucepan.

  • Add dried chili.

  • Let it cook over low heat until chilis start to sizzle.

  • Be careful that chilis do not become black.

  • Add remaining oil and red chili flakes.

  • Cook until just warmed through.

  • Pour into an air-tight bottle.

  • Let it cool until room temperature.

  • Refrigerate until ready to use.

  • The hardest part of making smoked oysters is to let them sit for 36 to 40 hours in the brine in an ice chest.

  • The total time might not be as short as you would like, but it's worth it.

  • Make sure to check the ice occasionally and refill as needed.

  • You can also let the oysters in the brine sit in a refrigerator kept at 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • After the time has finally passed, you need to spray your vegetable ​baking sheets with cooking spray.

  • You do not want to lose one morsel of these delicious smoked oysters because they are stuck to the pan.

  • After the time has finally passed, then remove the oysters from the brine.

  • Rinse them under cold running water and place on your prepared cooking sheet. 

  •  Make sure that the oysters do not overlap on the sheet as this helps them cook evenly.

  • Follow your manufacturer's directions to prepare your smoker for cooking.

  • Put the wood chips in the bottom.

  • Add water if your smoker needs it.

  • You are striving to reach 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Once you do, then add the oysters to the smoker and cook for two hours.

  • Once you have finished cooking the smoked oysters, then place them on a cookie sheet.

  • Cover them with your chili-infused oil. Refrigerate for four to six hours.

  • Return them to room temperature and enjoy.

  • To add more flavor, spritz them with a bit of lemon juice.


Serving: 100g | Calories: 110kcal