How To Use And Calibrate A Cooking Thermometer – Complete Instruction

Battery Installation In The Digital Instant-Read Thermometer

Replace the battery when the LCD display becomes dim.

  1. ​Remove battery cover on front with a coin.
  2. ​Install one LR44 battery (watch battery) with + positive side up.
  3. ​Fasten battery cover.
How to Use a Cooking Thermometer

Operating Instructions For The Instant-Read Thermometer

​Accurate Temperature Measurement

  1. ​Press ON/OFF button to turn the instant-read thermometer on
  2. ​Clean thermometer stem and insert the tip into food or liquid for accurate reading

​Right Temperature Scale

Press .F / .C button to switch between Fahrenheit or Celsius

​Data Hold

Before withdrawing the digital thermometer, press the HOLD button, this will hold the temperature reading until pressed again. “H” will appear in the LCD.

​Max Mode

  1. ​Press MAX button to read the highest temperature detected. “MAX” will appear on the display.
  2. ​Press MAX button a 2nd time to display the lowest temperature reading detected. “MIN” will appear on the display.

​Self-Calibration (Your Meat Thermometer Comes Pre-Calibrated)

  1. ​Place the stem into at least 1 inch of crushed-ice water. Don’t let the stem touch the bottom of container.
  2. ​​To avoid accidental recalibration, this function works only when the ambient temperature is 32 to 34 °F.
  3. ​When temperature is within range, press the CAL button to recalibrate the food thermometer.


Do not leave the digital instant-read thermometer in hot oven or microwave. Extended exposure to high temperatures may damage electronic components. The digital instant-read thermometer is hand wash only. Do not place in dishwasher.

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