How To Use Chicken & Turkey Rack Instructions

Chicken & Turkey Rack

Starter Tips For Your Chicken & Turkey Rack

  • The unique chicken & turkey rack design holds your poultry upside down at a 20° angle. This allows the juices to pool above the breast and internally baste during cooking. Good thing we have a Patent because this is The Secret to juicy, moist white meat.
  • It works on Chicken, Turkey, and even smaller game birds. It holds up to a 20lb Turkey so you can cook for large groups
  • On average you will see a 20 minute reduction in cooking time. This is because the teardrop design keeps the bird off the pan and increases air circulation.
  • You can use your rack in the Oven, out on the Grill, or even in your Smoker. It’s Stainless Steel so you won’t hurt it.
  • Clean up is super easy. Give it a quick scrub and then toss it in the dishwasher and you’re good to go!

How to use a turkey rackHow to use a turkey rack


Q. Can I Stuff My Turkey?

A. We recommend not stuffing your turkey before/during cooking. It will block the juices and there are also health risk factors with the bread coming in contact with uncooked meat.

Q. Does This Really Work or Is it a Gimmick?

A. Ahhh there’s always a skeptical one in the bunch! Yes there is real science behind this product, but the logic is drier than that last chicken you cooked (without using this rack). I recommend taking your new rack on a test run and letting the Juicy Emotions convince you 😉

Q. How Can I Become Better at Barbecue?

A. We have hundreds of free resources and guides available at if you like to learn on your own through trial and error. If you want to shortcut your way to success, you can sign up for a Barbecue Masterclass with a world-renowned BBQ Pitmaster at 

Q. Where Can I Learn More About Cave Tools?

A.  Cave Tools is so much more than a brand of Barbecue and Cooking Tools. You can learn more about our Family Values and the Impact we are making in the world every day at

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