Traeger Grill Problems You Should Know Before Buying One

All You Need To Know About Traeger Grills

With the summer season at our doorstep, bringing out your Traeger grill for some fun in the sun has become a popular part of our culture. Throwing a party while grilling has always been a favorite pastime. You can get a variety of different grills from gas grills to charcoal to electric to portable grills to wood-burning grills.

One of the things that has made the Traeger grill brand stand out from its competitors comes from the fact that most of these grills are ahead of the competition in terms of technology. Some examples include an automated auger that delivers wood pellets based on your desired temperature.

Another thing comes from the digital control board that communicates back and forth with different sensors to maintain the temperature within the grill.

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying a Traeger Grill?

Pro #1: The Fuel

You have plenty of huge advantages when it comes to a Traeger grill that sets it far and above the competition. The first big advantage comes from the fuel. You have many grills that will use natural gas, charcoal or propane.

Any of these grills require that an individual remains with their grill as it's cooking, and they have to have a deep knowledge over how to grill. With the Traeger name, you use wood pellets instead. These all-natural wood pellets offer greater flavoring of the food.

Charcoal grills can do a fair job with flavoring the food, but if you have never cooked food over a wood grill, you need to try it. Different types of woods will give your food different flavors.

In fact, these all-natural wood pellets from Traeger are FDA approved, and you can get them in 11 different flavors. In addition, burning these pellets will not harm the environment.

Pro #2: Control of the Temperature

Technologically speaking, one of the things that set Traeger far above its competition comes from how you can more easily control the temperature. You can choose from either the digital control upgrade or the three-speed smoker control.

You can cook confidently with this and have high-temperature settings with it. This makes the cooking time more consistent than what you might get with some of the other grills, which means that you don't have to babysit your grill worrying that you will burn the food. Some people have even cooked a pizza or biscuits on this grill with some pretty impressive results.

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Pro #3: Air Induction

When you look at Traeger grills, they come equipped with a 4-inch induction fan that feeds the burning wood pellets oxygen that allows them to burn hotter and cook things at an efficient level. This circulates the heat around, and you get a smoke-filled air around your food. In this way, you don't have to constantly move the meat and coordinate it with the heat.

That makes it a much better choice than what you'd get with some of the other grills. Through the air induction technology from Traeger, you can also seal the bottom of the grill so that you can use it for other purposes like roasting, baking, grilling or smoking your meat. You can do this easily and successfully.

Pro #4: Tastes Better

Grilling with natural wood pellets will give your food a much better flavor. Have you ever heard of mesquite barbecue? These are wood pellets that give your food such an incredible flavor that it has even become famous, and you have many other flavors that you can get from wood pellets.

The pure hardwood taste gets delivered straight to your food, and you have a flavor that outperforms the gas and charcoal by a long shot. You get an unbeatable wood flavor every time you fire up the grill.

Pro #5: Simple to Use

You have a lot of different features that you can get with the Traeger grill, but you shouldn't let this intimidate you. In fact, if you know how to navigate the controls of an oven, you shouldn't have any problem with turning on and using the Traeger.

However, the great thing about getting one of these grills comes from how you have plenty of ways that you can make them even better. The most basic set up is to turn on the grill, set the temperature, put the food on the grill, and you will be on the path to creating some delicious grilled foods.

These grills even come with Wi-Fi, but you don't necessarily have to use the Wi-Fi. It's just that this will give you even more capabilities with the use of it.

Con #1: Expensive

It's true that these grills will probably cost you a little more than what you'd pay for a charcoal grill, portable or gas grill. The lowest price that you will be able to find for a grill like this is $299, and the price will continue to rise depending on the size and features of the grill that you want.

Con #2: Takes More Time to Cook

These grills differ from the competition in that they operate a little different. You won't cook the food as quickly with a Traeger. Because you're cooking with a lower temperature in many cases, the food will cook more slowly, but it delivers a flavor that was worth the wait.

Con #3: Must Have a Power Source

Traeger grills use electricity, and they require a power source for you to operate them. For this reason, you can't throw it in the truck and take it with you to wherever it will be the most convenient. You will need a power outlet to make use out of a Traeger grill.

Traeger Troubleshooting Be Prepared

Troubleshooting: What Problems Could You Experience

Like with all grills, Traeger could experience some troubleshooting moments, even despite the high quality of these grills. If you experience any trouble that you can't get around, you can call 1 (800) 872-3437, and the company has exceptionally helpful customer service.

Troubleshooting Problem #1: Maintaining the Temperature

You have a set of procedures you can use to keep the temperature on the grill consistent. Especially if you open the grill, you will get varying temperatures, but you also have to remember that you're cooking with fire, which can cause some fluctuations.

Most commonly, the wood pellets will be the cause of your temperature fluctuations on the grill. To combat the problem, make sure that you store them in the right conditions and avoid any area where your pellets could get moisture in them.

Second, make sure that you keep the grill clean because this will have an impact on temperature. You also have to watch for rust and corrosion because this can have an impact on the grill.

Troubleshooting Problem #2: Why Isn't the Fan Working?

With Traeger troubleshooting, the fan not working can be for a number of different reasons. First, it could be that you don't have any power running to the orange wires from the controller.

Second, the problem could stem from grease on the shaft of the fan, which stops it from running due to disuse. To combat this problem, you might spin the fan a couple of times to loosen it and get it working.

Troubleshooting Problem #3: Why Isn't the Grill Smoking?

In some cases, you may not see any smoke coming from the grill. Don't worry: in some cases, this is because the temperatures are too high, and the wood pellets are producing less smoke. In particular, this happens with the hardwood. Otherwise, you should see smoke every three to five minutes.

Troubleshooting Problem #4: Clearing a Jammed Auger

Let's say that you have an auger on the grill that has stopped spinning. First, you will have to take a screwdriver and remove four screws. In addition, you need to remove the screws on the controller. This lets you see inside the grill's inner mechanics so that you can work on them.

Next, you will remove the pellets from inside the grill before you begin with any kind of disassembly. You need a couple of different tools to get rid of the jam. First, you need a 7/64th Allen key, a pipe wrench, Philips and flat screwdriver, pliers and hammer.

First, you remove the shear pin that holds the auger to the auger shaft. Then you can remove the motor and remove the bushing. Then you try to move it. If you can't move, you will use a pipe wrench to remove the auger from the auger shaft.

Next, you will use a hammer to clear it, and you spin the auger and push it in and out to help clear it. Finally, use a shop vacuum to clean out the pellets. Then you put everything back together in the same way.

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Traeger grills have a lot of technology in them that make them a great grill for those backyard parties. In addition, grilling with wood is the best way to give your foods a unique flavor.

Every kind of wood pellet will give the meat its own flavor, which is part of what makes it worthwhile. Buying one of these grills for the summer is a great way to get started. Traeger grill temperature problem? Traeger induction fan not working? Don't be intimidated by these, just make sure you know how to work your grill!

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