Clever Trick Pulls Pork in Seconds Flat

shredding meat forks

Pulled Pork is One of the Most Delicious Meals Ever Created

It’s pretty much a staple of American Barbecue.

But if you’ve ever tried to shred the meat yourself using 2 forks, you know how much of a ridiculous hassle it can be!

There Has To Be A Better Way

Using forks takes forever! They work fine when you are shredding pork just for yourself, but honestly how often does that happen?

Most of the time, you’re shredding about 8-10 lbs of meat. With 2 forks, you could literally waste a good 45 minutes just on your first pass. That’s time you could be spending with your family, preparing other food in the kitchen, or my personal favorite, watching football on the couch

When you finally finish attacking the meat with your forks your fingers are all bruised up, your arms are tired, and you have pork all over yourself. I mean it’s an absolute mess!

Not to mention the fact that you probably burned yourself a couple times in the process since the best time to shred the meat is when it’s still hot


Save 20% On The Best Selling Cave Tools Meat Claws

Introducing The Hottest Kitchen Tool No Family Should Be Without

meat shredding claws


That’s why we developed the Cave Tools Meat Claws and have literally revolutionized the entire barbecue scene and changed the way people pull pork forever. After using meat claws, you will never go back to using 2 forks to shred meat again.

With the Cave Tools Meat Claws, you can literally shred giant cuts of meat in seconds flat. Whether you want to cut Pork, Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Hams, Roasts, or any other type of meat the Meat Claws will get the job done.


But that’s not all they’re used for. The comfortable handles make these claws perfect for picking up large hot pieces of food in the kitchen. No more dropping the Turkey on the floor because you tried to pick it up with a couple of oven mitts.

With the Cave Tools meat claws, you’ll be able to handle any size type of meat like a boss!

carving fork


But let’s not forget when you need to carve your food. Using a fork just doesn’t cut it and it’s outright dangerous. These meat claws have 6 prongs each giving you the perfect amount of stability.

Whether you’re carving a turkey, ham, or watermelon these claws will literally be the safest and easiest way to carve your food

meat claws


After you’ve chowed down on the most delicious meal of your life, the last thing you want to do is have to clean up.

That’s why we made them dishwasher safe so clean up has literally never been easier.


Save 20% On The Best Selling Cave Tools Meat Claws

ICE_BREAKER68 Amazon Customer

These claws are great. Although they are meat shredders, I used them to break down some thawing ground beef. The meat was too cold to use my hands and let me tell you, these things worked great. I also used them to shred some turkey legs. One slight downside to these shredders is the distance between the claws. I wasn't really able to shred the turkey legs that well. I ended up using one of the claws to hold the turkey leg (too hot to hold after cooking it) and a fork to do the shredding. Worked great. The entire thing measures about 4 3/8w X 4 1/4" h. The claws are about 1 1/2" long and about 7/8" in between each claw. The handle feels ergonomically perfect to fit your hand. I highly recommend this set if you are into BBQing or shredding. These even come in very handy for lifting a hot roast or any other hot meats. Use them as tongs. Great product.

I like the shredder claws and these are the best I have owned yet. Also can be used to transport roasts and meats. These seem to be sharper and do shred the Boston Butts, and Pork Shoulders well when we slow smoke the already Cajun brined meats to about 205 degrees F until it is falling apart and then these claws work very well and save much time in shredding the meats to make wonderful pulled pork for any purpose, as long as it is for eating! As good as this product is, the follow up customer service by the seller is even better! Thanks!

Cajun Gourmet Amazon Customer
Older and Wiser Mom Amazon Customer

My daughter's hands were going numb shredding a large volume of meats, so we decided to try these claws, they are fantastic. Light weight and sharp, the have reduced the time is takes to shred beef or chicken in half. I notices some stainless steel claws on Amazon and bought them as a back up but sent them back, these are better for shredding. Enjoy and minimize the work in processing and you will enjoy the meat even more! Shipping was fast too.


Save 20% On The Best Selling Cave Tools Meat Claws