Lean Mean Grilling Guide: How to Grill Fish


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 How to Grill Fish

When looking to keep things lean for your diet, fish is a wonderful protein to add to your daily eating habits. Fish is low in fat, has fats that are good for you, and has omega 3 which helps fight heart disease and provides healthy mental development.

A great way to enjoy a delicious piece of fish is cooking fish on the grill. It makes the fish tender and adds a nice charred flavor to the delicate flesh. This fish recipe is available to help grilling lovers cook fish properly and offer some great ideas for easy seafood recipes.

How to Properly Grill Fish

Here are four easy steps to grilling fish, so when the time comes to cook your fish. You will be confident to place that piece of flaky delight on to the grill:

  • Step 1: Selecting the right piece of fresh fish fillet or the whole fish is always important. This requires you to smell it. The right piece of fish should smell sweet and pleasant. If the piece of fish has a strong fishy smell than you will know it is not fresh. Visually, your piece of fish should look bright and firm. Additionally, make sure not to store fish for more than 48 hours in the refrigerator. If you plan to store it longer than keep the fish fresh by putting it in the freezer.
  • Step 2: Marinating your fish will always improve the flavor. So when marinating, make sure to marinate your fish for no longer than 30 minutes.
  • Step 3: When ready to grill your piece of fish. Put the fish fillet on the grill grate and cook each side for 4 to 5 minutes each side on a medium-high heat. You can use charcoal grill, electric or gas grill, just follow the instructions for the one you choose.
  • Step 4: Remember not to overcook your delicate fish steaks. Fish will cook very fast because it does not have a lot of fat. So a great way to test that it is done cooking is with a fork. Place the fork in the thickest portion of our fish and twist. The area should flake along the natural lines of the fish and then you will know it is done.

Grilled Fish Tacos


  • One pound of tilapia (cut into chunks)


  • One-fourth of a cup of olive oil
  • Two tablespoons of distilled white vinegar
  • Two tablespoons of lime juice
  • Two teaspoons of lime zest
  • Half teaspoon of honey
  • Two garlic cloves (minced)
  • Half teaspoon of cumin
  • Half teaspoon of chili powder
  • Teaspoon of Old Bay
  • Half teaspoon of salt and pepper
  • Teaspoon of Tabasco


  • Cup of sour cream
  • Half cup of adobo sauce (from chipotle peppers)
  • Two tablespoons of lime juice
  • Two teaspoons of lime zest
  • One-fourth of a teaspoon of cumin
  • One-fourth of a teaspoon of chili powder
  • Half teaspoon of Old Bay
  • Half teaspoon of salt and pepper


  • Package of tortillas
  • Tomato (cut into chunks)
  • Iceberg lettuce (chopped)
  • Shredded pepper jack cheese


  • Step 1: combine all the ingredients for the dressing and mix them in a bowl. Refrigerate dressing before use.
  • Step 2: combine all the ingredients listed above for the marinade in a bowl and mix with a whisk. Marinate tilapia for around 30 minutes.
  • Step 3: cook the fish on the grill for 4 to 5 minutes each side and use fork technique to check if it is read.
  • Step 4: cook tortillas on the grill for about a minute on each side. Then assemble your fish tacos and enjoy!

Salmon on the Grill


  • Pound of salmon (fillets)


  • Two Teaspoon of lemon pepper
  • Two Teaspoon of garlic powder
  • Two Teaspoon of salt


  • One-third of a cup of soy sauce
  • One-third of a cup of brown sugar
  • One-third of a cup of water
  • One-fourth of a cup of vegetable oil


  • Step 1: season salmon with the seasoning listed above.
  • Step 2: in a bowl, mix the ingredients that are listed for the marinade and mix until the sugar has been dissolved. Marinade the salmon for no more than 30 minutes.
  • Step 3: cook salmon on a medium-high grill for 4 to 5 minutes each side and use the fork test to see if it is ready.


I hope this Lean Mean Grilling Guide for fish has been very helpful. Now you can experiment with different kinds of fish and cook salmon fillets, tuna steaks or whatever else you desire to try this week. Make sure to take a look at our Smoking fish tutorial as well! Take a look at our next grilling guide for chicken!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cook fish on the grill?

If you’re grilling a meaty fish, like swordfish, we recommend placing it on the direct heat on the grill and cooking it over medium-high heat. More tender, flakey fish like tilapia would benefit from being cooked on the indirect heat side of the grill. If you’re worried about the fish sticking, you can always cook it in a foil packet, but you won’t get grill marks using this method.

How do you grill fish in foil?

Using an aluminum foil packet to grill your fish is an excellent way to get tender, flakey fish that doesn’t stick to the grill. Simply wrap your fish (and other vegetables, if desired) in foil and bring the short ends of the foil together. Fold them twice to seal before folding in the sides. When the fish is finished cooking, open the foil packet carefully. The steam will be very hot and can burn your hands!

What is the best fish to grill?

Any fish can be grilled, it’s just a matter of your personal taste preferences. Firm fish like swordfish or salmon steaks will hold up exceptionally well to the high heat of the grill, while flakier fish like mahi-mahi and snapper turn out tender and wonderful in a grilling environment. You can also grill tuna (we recommend medium rare or rare, especially if it’s a sushi-grade fish).

Do you flip fish on the grill?

If your fish fillets are very thin (less than an inch thick), you don’t need to flip the fish. In fact, flipping your fish too early might cause it to stick to the grill, causing loss of food. If the fish is a thicker cut, you can flip it halfway through.

How do you grill fish without sticking?

There are two common problems that cause fish to stick to the grill. The first is impatience. The fish will tell you when it’s ready to flip by releasing from the grill. Don’t try to rush it! The other factor is the amount of cooking oil you use. Always start by heating the grill and brushing it with canola oil right before the fish go on. If the grill is hot and there is enough oil, it shouldn’t stick.

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