Grilling Brats – Boiling With Beer

Grilling Brats

Make sure you are sitting or standing near a grill when you watch this, because you could have a strong need to fire it up and start barbecuing. Seriously, your senses will go into overdrive, so grab a napkin to control any drooling that might occur during the viewing of this YouTube video.

Beer Brats On The Grill Video

The BBQ Pit Boys are grilling up delicious brats and poaching them in delicious beer with some onions and an assortment of colorful peppers. They encourage you to choose whatever brats you prefer, whether they are beef and pork, veal, pork and veal, or knockwurst.

Find some iron skillets and buy the ingredients, because these guys will inspire you to copy their technique. Chop up your onions, peppers, poblanos, and jalapenos and have them ready to throw in the skillet. Remember to have some of your favorite beer nearby so you can get grilling too.

Listening to the sizzle of the meat hitting the grill will make your taste buds go into overdrive. Watch and learn as the meat retains color from the grill grates, and the onions cook in a buttery mixture of beer, onions, and peppers. Everything simmers together to create a grilling masterpiece.

So, before you click on the link, make sure you know where your nearest grill is. Grab a beer, and get watching.

Perfect Brats (Bratwurst) on the grill

Brats are a spicy, German sausage that is commonly grilled to enhance their distinct flavors. Brats are made using beef, veal and, most commonly, pork. Brats are very popular all over the United States, particularly in Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s largest ancestry group happens to be German and takes pride in this historically popular dish that was brought over with German immigrants.

There are many ways to grill brats. Here are the most popular methods:

Beer Bath

Many cooks believe that boiling your brats in a beer and water bath first is the way to go. Some brat enthusiasts have even boiled their brats in wine as an alternative to the traditional beer. This has been known to ensure even cooking on the grill. It enhances flavor and also removes the fatty residue many packaged brats have. Whether a fancy IPA or a standard lager, both seem to produce the same great results.

Boil Your Brats In Beer

Brats have thicker skin than hot dogs and require more time on the grill. Too much time on the grill, however, increases the likelihood of your brats getting charred and possibly splitting open. This is not ideal since you want to preserve all the natural juices that will result in the grilling process.

But for those that enjoy the smoky taste of charcoal grilling, the pre-boil doesn’t allow enough time on the grill to absorb enough of that great, smoky taste.

This problem can be solved by placing your brats in an aluminium pan that contains a mustard and beer mixture. This pan can then be placed on the grill to simmer and absorb the beer and mustard. Try using a brown ale for your beer choice. Allow the brats to cook for 10 minutes on the grill in the beer and mustard bath, all the while absorbing the great flavor of the smoke produced by the charcoal grill.

Thyme sprigs, whole grain mustard and beer make a great bath for grilling bratwursts. Some brat lovers also add onions and butter to the mixture. The internal temperature of your brats should reach approximately 180 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure proper cooking. You never want your family or guests to bite into an uncooked brat so consider using a food thermometer to make sure your brats are cooked thoroughly.

Once the brats all turn white in the simmering beer bath, they can then be removed and placed directly on the grill for 5-6 minutes prior to serving. Brats can be served on a crusty bun or a hard roll with onions and peppers, with sauerkraut, or with nothing at all.

High Heat

Other brat connoisseurs like to grill their brats exclusively on a charcoal grill, using a higher heat while flipping constantly. And a light coating of oil to each side of the brats to help avoid sticking or burning.

Grill Your Brats On A Charcoal Grill

Grill temperature should be around 475 degrees. Start with indirect heat for about 15-20 minutes. This increases the internal temperature while not charring the outside prematurely. Then you can move the brats over to direct heat for about 10 minutes of higher heat, grilling and turning. In about 10 minutes your brats will be done.

The continual turning will prevent the brats from bursting or splitting. You’ll notice a delicious, lightly charred surface on your brats. However, upon that first bite, your mouth will explode with all the natural juices your brat holds inside.

Some grillers like to set their finished brats into a warm, post beer bath mixture. This way the brats stay warm until the rest of your meal is prepared. And it also adds to the juiciness. A side of German red cabbage or potato salad is a nice accompaniment to your delicious brats.

Medium Heat

Medium heat can be used to grill brats too. With this method, pecan wood or mesquite wood can be used to create thick, flavorful smoke. Keep your grill’s lid closed when using the medium heat method. This method takes more time, around 20 to 30 minutes.

Use Wood Chips Create Smoke

It will produce very distinct flavor because the extended cooking time allows time for the brats to soak in all the flavorful mesquite or pecan wood smoke. Keep the lid of your grill closed for the majority of the time the brats are being grilled, unlike the open lid that’s used in the high heat method. Your brats will be very juicy, a beautiful light brown color, and have delicious, caramelised coating.

Using a propane grill will certainly work for grilling your brats. But it’s not the ultimate way to get the most flavorful brats. Most people enjoy them for that very reason—their flavor. If you have to use a propane grill, your pre-boil in beer, mustard, onions, and seasonings is even more important. You might consider adding garlic to the mixture as well.


When turning your brats only use tongs. If you use a fork you may accidentally poke your brats. Consider adding a small, foil smoker pouch to add smokiness

Grilling Don’ts

Excessively high heat is kryptonite to brats! Very high heat will dry and split the outside skin of your brats, potentially allowing all their spicy juices to escape. So stay far away from a very high flame.

Grill But Don't Use High Heat

Don’t boil your brats in just water. This will only produce great tasting water, leaving your brats bland or completely tasteless.

Poking holes in your brats before, during or after grilling is never a good idea. The juices produced when grilling is what makes brats worth the money you’ll pay for them.

Don’t buy packaged brats. Instead, go to your local butcher and ask for fresh brats. This way you’ll have an opportunity to try various unique spices and flavors. The difference between fresh and packaged is indescribable.

One last note

Some of the brats sold in the United States are actually already cooked and only require heating up. Others are completely uncooked. So take note of what you purchase, from either your local supermarket or your neighborhood butcher, to ensure you cook your brats for the proper length of time.

Let the grilling begin!

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