How To Cook A Rotisserie Pig


Learn Step by Step How To Cook a Pig Rotisserie

Cooking a rotisserie pig is no small undertaking. It’s a heavy duty work. Whether this is your first time cooking a rotisserie pig or you are a seasoned rotisserie pig expert, it always helps to have a guide to follow. With the right instructions, a lot of patience, and a whole bunch of hungry guests, you’ll have a successful pig roast using the rotisserie grill!

How Much Pig Per Person?

Keep in mind that a 100 lb pig does not necessarily product 100lbs of edible meat. The actual amount of meat that is edible after you are done cooking the rotisserie pig is actually much smaller. A general rule of thumb is that after all is said and done you will get to eat about 40% of the total weight of your whole pig rotisserie.

To make the math easy, that means that a 100 lb pig would result in approximately 40 lbs of roasted pig meat. With your average guest normally eating just over about a half pound of meat, you could expect the resulting 40 lbs of meat to feed about 65-66 guests.

Where To Get A Pig For Your Rotisserie?

Purchasing a full pig is actually much easier than you would think. If you contact your local supermarket, it will normally take them about 7 days to get the pig for you. Another option would be to approach a local butcher or farmer.

Just make sure they have all of their inspections up to date so you know it is safe. Don’t forget to ask for the pig to be fully dressed and have the eyes already removed. Of course, if you are the adventurous type, you don’t always have to do things by the book. This picture was sent to us from a Cave Tools customer. They actually walked the pig to the rotisserie and then butchered it on the spot!

Preparing Your Whole Pig Rotisserie

The first step in preparing the pig to be cooked on the rotisserie is to clean it. Wash the ears, nose, feet, mouth, and carcass as much as you can. Some people like to stuff the pig before they throw it up on the rotisserie. If you want to do this, place your stuffing in the mouth and then sew it up with string before you start to cook the pig.

Loading the pig onto the rotisserie is going to be a slightly different process depending on the type of pig rotisserie equipment you may have. No matter what, just make sure to anchor the pig onto the equipment as best as possible.

There is nothing worse than the pig dropping into the hot coals and getting ruined. In the pictures above and below, you can see that the skewer went through the entire pig and they also used metal braces and wire to secure the rotisserie pig.

Preparing The Rotisserie Pig Fire With Charcoal

The best way to cook a rotisserie pig is to cook it over a charcoal fire. Use natural lump charcoal and make sure to light the charcoal with a chimney starter to get it going. The most important part about placing the charcoal for your rotisserie pig fire is to make sure they are not directly underneath the pig. Once fat starts to drip off the pig it will create flare-ups and burn the outside of the pig.

Place the charcoal in two rows on either side of the pig. Make sure there is a drip pan in the middle to catch any fat or grease that drips off. You’re most likely going to need around 30 lbs of charcoal to start off and then you will need to add more charcoal every hour as some start to go out.

Cooking The Whole Rotisserie Pig

The rule of thumb for the rotisserie cooking is about 1 hour of cooking time per 10lbs of pork. This, however, is just a rule of thumb. Your main goal is to get the internal temperature up to 170 degrees. It is important to make sure that your fire does not get too hot because then you will burn the pig.

If you can keep the flame temperature in the 200 – 215 range you will be good to go! It’s going to take quite a few hours for your pig rotisserie to cook, so make sure you have a 30 pack nearby to keep you hydrated.

Here is a video example of someone cooking a whole rotisserie pig:

How To Cook A Rotisserie Pig

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