CAVE TOOLS Recipe Exchange – Complete Guide On Using The App

One of the core functionalities of your BBQ Journal and Recipes App is the Recipe Exchange.

With the recipes exchange, all of the recipes you'll ever need are in one central location. You can save them to your phone if you like them or delete it and try another one the next time. In your cooking journal you can leave ratings and notes for things you would try differently on your next cook. 

The journal has all of the fields available to take notes for smoking, but you can also use it for sauces, rubs, grilling, baking, or any other style of cooking.

This guide is made to help you learn how to use the app to its full potential, maximize your time and resources, and bring you the best BBQ experience possible!

When you first open the app, you see the log in page:

bbq app

You can use your Facebook account to log in, or create a new one.

The first thing you’re going to see when you log into the app is THE MAIN PAGE or JOURNAL tab:
smoking meat app

Here you can see “My recipes”, “My journals”, “Community recipes”, “Community journals”, “Browse the community” sections and four different tabs. We’re going to go over each one.

Get Started

To get started with the Recipes Exchange, click the "Browse The Community" button in your app or visit the page directly on our website and find something you like:

Meat smoking app
barbecue android app

iPhone Instructions:

  1. Click to download a recipe and when prompted, open it in the Cave Tools app

  2. Save the file and it will be added into your community recipes or journal folder 

Android Instructions:

  1. Click the download button. If prompted to open the file, ignore the message. Android does not natively support this file type. 

  2. Open the Cave Tools app and click the import icon at the top right of the journals screen.

  3. Find and import the file from your downloads folder and save it in the app for future use 

grilling recipes iphone app
cooking app
barbecue app

From there you can build your own library of your favorite recipes that you have access to any time anywhere. 


You can add your own recipes, from the ingredients list to all the necessary steps. Click the “+” button to do that:

bbq app
meat smoking app


My Journals allows you to keep track of all your BBQ endeavors and write down every step you take with the exact results. You can write down when you tried to cook a certain dish, what meat you used and how much of it, what wood you burned, etc. This is a great tool if you want to keep track of your progress or if you want to master one particular dish or recipe. 

bbq app
cooking app iPhone


Community recipes is the place where all the recipes from our extensive Cave Tools Recipe Exchange Directory live.

bbq android app
grilling recipes iphone app


Community Journals are for journal entries that are imported from either the community or from friends or family that also have the app and shared with you.


You can set up to three separate timers for when you’re cooking to keep track of each of your dishes.

barbecue app


Here you’ll find all the necessary information for cooking such as “Meat smoking guide” (or a full guide on types of wood, its qualities, and best meat pairings), “Meat temperature guide”, and “Herb and Spice Guide”.

cooking guide
recipe app
cooking app
bbq app android


In the SETTINGS section you can find all the links to Cave Tools social media, associated  links, and profiles:
barbecue app