Smoked Chicken Rub – A New Way To Prepare

A New Way To Prepare Smoked Chicken Rub


When it comes to the flavoring and marinating of chicken and other foods, chicken rubs are as popular and delicious as sauces. The difference is that rubs provide maximum flavor while allowing you to get creative along the way.

a new way to prepare smoked chicken rub

Reasons why I prefer dry rubs to marinades

Here are some of the key reasons why I prefer rubs to marinades. You can mix just about any herbs and seasonings together, creating your very own taste without the added sugar and sodium often contained in sauces. In fact, rubs give more bang to your food, with nearly zero calories, and not once ounce of fat.

The best part about using spice rubs

The best part about rubs is that they are completely non-committal, that is, you do not need to follow any rule or bind together any specific flavors to bring out the taste. Even better still, rubs can be extremely cheap, last very long in the pantry, do not need refrigeration, and as with any other creation, the sky is the limit. Read on, so you too can learn a new way to prepare smoked chicken rub.

Combination of herbs and spices for this smoked chicken rub

Smoked chicken rub is delicious and takes very little ingredients to put together. Your personal list does not necessarily have to be identical to mine. Add and take away as you wish, keeping in mind the unique taste that your family loves.

This compilation was put together using the recipe that I have been using for a while. This particular combination of flavors precludes a glazed, soft, liquid-type finish that could rival any marinade or barbecue sauce.

The difference is that there is no sugar, syrups, preservatives or artificial fillers in this combination. Everything is natural and fresh. This is yet another reason why I truly believe that rubs are better than marinating sauces.

  • check
    2-Tsp Paprika
  • check
    1-Tsp Cayenne Pepper,
  • check
    2-Tsp Garlic Powder
  • check
    1-Tsp Mustard Powder
  • check
    ​2 Tablespoons Chili Powder
  • check
    ​1 Tsp Kosher Salt
  • check
    1/4-Tbsp Cumin
  • check
    1-Tsp Onion Powder

Smoked Chicken Rub - Step by step

Step 1: Check if you are good on the amount of spices.

You already know what you got, now, check and see if you have what you need to achieve the flavor profile that you want.

Step 2: “Gots versus Needs”

Divide up your spices and taste them as you go. ​Experiment with the flavor profiles and take away what you do not want or add something that you feel is missing. Ground black pepper, tablespoons paprika, brown sugar (if you prefer your smoke chicken a bit sweet) - whatever you decide to add to enhance the flavor of the meat, just combine everything in a medium size bowl and mix thoroughly. If you like them all together, adjust the flavor that you want to intensify most and add anywhere from 1 to 2 tablespoons of that one spice. Make it extra special.

Mix And Breathe Coat before you coat

Step 3: Mix and breathe

Add all the spices together in a zip bag. Let the bag breathe in, so keep it open. Allow for everything to come into “harmony” for about 5 minutes before you proceed to coat your meats or veggies with the rub.

Step 4: Coat before you coat

I strongly recommend that you spritz spray your food with either olive oil, spray butter, coconut oil, or any other conductor. You do not need a lot of it; just enough to cause a “crunch” once the skin of the chicken comes in contact with the heat.

Suggestions from “the chef”

I use spice rubs on chicken wing sections like there is no tomorrow. Also, I never fry my chicken wings, but bake them in the oven with their rub on. Do you know that, between the rub and the natural crisp of the skin, the chicken achieves an amazing crunch that rivals any breaded chicken? Try this cooking method for yourself by totally coating your chicken section with the rub.

The expectations

As someone who has used this rub plenty of times, I can assure you that you will get nothing but compliments. When the time comes to coat the meat, just put it all together and let it rest for a couple of hours.

The good thing with spice rubs is that you do not have to wait too long for any liquid to penetrate the skin of the chicken, only for half the marinade to evaporate and not penetrate the meat all throughout the cooking process. This is also why I prefer rubs to marinades.

Your finished product is going to coat like a nice glaze which will be delicious.

You applewood smoked chicken breast will be even better if you use spice rub before smoking. Leftover mix? No problem! Mix all the ingredients and store them in an empty seasoning container. Make it cool! Give it a cool name and brand it after you, like. "Poppa's Fave Rub" or "Your Name's Own." Take smoking chicken to the next level. Your friends and family will definitely beg you to tell them your secret for achieving juicy and delicious meal.


I really hope that this tutorial gives you ideas, and that you can make the best out of it. Whether you decide to cook chicken breast, smoke chicken, or something else - hopefully this will help you make it even better. Like I said, rubs are more versatile, pungent, flavorful and texture-oriented than marinades. Marinades take forever to infuse, sometimes wasting half of the product when you lift the meat and proceed to cook.

On the other hand, rubs stick to the chicken skin, remain there, and blend in throughout the cooking process. The flavor results of rub are way better than the results that you get from saucing or marinating. The ending product also results in less fat, calories, sugar, and salt.

In all, when it comes to cooking, rubs are always a part of the show. The cook time won't get any longer if you spice rub your chicken first, but once you do it, it'll worth a christmas dinner - that delicious it's gonna be. Once you bite onto the chicken, there is the rub to remind you who is boss. If you want to experiment with other meats, I got you covered! Here’s some interesting recipes on pulled pork rubs, BBQ rib rubs, or Texas brisket rub!

Experiment & Explore Versatile and Flavorful

​If you have new smoked chicken rubs recipes or other ways to make a better chicken rub​, do not hesitate to write to us and let us know. Just leave a comment below on the space provided, and share with us which rub recipes have made you the king of the pit, or the kitchen.

Also, let us know if you have already tried this particular recipe on your own. We are hoping that you do, and tell us all about it. We are always waiting for the next big thing!

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