Guide To Barbecuing With A Masonry BBQ Grill

Masonry BBQ Grill A Comprehensive Guide

Do you want to learn the easiest, most practical and fuss-free ways of using a Masonry BBBQ grill? Is it your first time to use a Masonry BBQ? Curious on how to use one?

Well, worry no more. In this article, I will guide you through all the nooks and crevices of learning how to charcoal barbecue, how to use a Masonry BBQ, and how to do all this without making a whole lot of mess. I put together this article because I am interested in helping people like you to appreciate the benefits that Masonry BBQ has for all of us. It's important for me to share my knowledge through this tutorial. That is why it is my intention that you read through the entire article to learn all the basic tips and advanced tricks in barbecuing. Let's start.

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What You Will Need To Prepare For This BBQ Tutorial

  • A Masonry Barbecue Grill

Some of the good Masonry BBQ Grill you can choose are:

1. Red Terracotta Coloured Table Top Masonry BBQ

This masonry BBQ grill is perfect for those people who want a charcoal grill with exceptional design. If you pick this​ brick bbq grill, you will get already a high quality ready-to-use mixed mortar, as well as a chromium-plated charcoal b​bq grill, which is adjustable in two ways.

2. Big K Congo Stone BBQ

Another good barbecue grill you can buy is the Big K Congo Stone BBQ. I recommend this to you because it is naturally colored, and so you won't get those flaky, artificial painted coatings. It's made of white marble and has a worktop that's peach-colored. Its interchangeable side table is also ideal for self-assembly. You could also appreciate this barbecue's spit holder integrated into its base.

  • Charcoal
  • Wood chips
  • Lighter Fluid
  • Gas
  • Fresh Cuts of Pork, Lamb, Fish or any other meat you want to barbecue
  • Barbecue Tools (to be enumerated later)
  • Chosen herbs and spices

Step-By-Step Guide on How To Barbecue With Charcoal Grill

1. Indirect vs. Indirect Heating

After deciding what kind of food to grill, the next important step to consider in grilling is the type of heat that you're going to use, and you have two options: direct heating and indirect heating. The two kinds of heat will have a direct impact on how the food is going to taste like. If you're using a direct heat for burgers, you can get to cook the food quickly without losing all its flavors. Indirect heat only requires you to light a little portion of the grate, and that gives it a slow-cooking ability for your food. Slow-cooked food will definitely taste better with indirect heat. With the food placed on the unlit portion of the food, you will not burn the food and retain its flavors.

2. Setting Up The Charcoal Grill

For direct heat, the first thing you need to do is preheat the grill for about 10 minutes. You should remember to rake the coals so that they will cover at least two-thirds of the grate's base. The third area where there is no charcoal is the safety zone, where you can put the food that is flaring up. After doing this, you can just put the burger patties, pork chops and other types of meat over the coals, cooking them without a cover.

For indirect heat, you should still preheat the Masonry Grill for at least 10 minutes and rake the coils around it in two piles on each side to spread the fire. After doing this, put on the top grate and make sure you position the food above the space in between the coals. Cover the grill, and you can now start cooking. You should also remember to put an aluminum pan in between the lighted coals to avoid burning the drippings. Adding an inch of water between them would also help.

Setting Up  The Grill The Fires Flavor

3. Firing Up The Fire's Flavor

In order for you to achieve that robust flavor, you should always remember using wood chips instead of a pit-master. Experts suggest that wood chips add that extra delicious smokiness to any type of food you grill, even if you're just grilling boneless chicken breasts and other quick-cooking items. If you want to get that tasty mesquite, hickory, or apple flavor to your barbecue, then never ignore the power of wood chips fire

4. Proper Use of Wood Chips

When you're using a gas Masonry Grill, you should put the chips in an aluminum pan or a small and disposable smoker box. Then, you preheat the grill and place the pan over the burner, which is just below the grate. Wait for the smoke to begin to start. When it does, you can now start cooking.

When using a charcoal type of grill, you should first add just a handful of soaked wood chips to the coals that are already burning before cooking. Only start cooking when you can already see smoke appearing.

5. Using The Simplest But Trustworthy Tools

You don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive grilling tools. The simpler, the better. In the case of barbecuing using Masonry Grills, you should at least acquire these following tools:

- Basting Brush - you will use this when trying to flavor up evenly your grilled meat. Choose the basting brush that's at least 12 inches in length so that you can apply sauces and glazes quickly and away from the fire.

- Chimney Starter - this piece of equipment will also come in handy when you want a foolproof way of igniting your grill without the use of lighter fluid. Lighter fluids may affect the flavor of your grill, and so this one addresses that issue. When choosing for the right chimney starter, try picking the one with at least a 5-pound capacity, so you have more coals to use for a longer time.

- Disposable Aluminum Pans - these good quality reliable tools come in 9 by 13 inch sizes, and you should pick those because they're the most ideal in transporting food in the quickest time possible. The eight by 3-inch size pans that you can buy would even double as a container for wood chips.

- Instant Read Thermometer - it takes a lot of guesswork when you're trying to grill because the insides of the meat could not be verified if they're cooked just with your eyes. The Instant Read Thermometer will address that, making it easier for you to grill with ease.

The other tools you should prepare for in your grilling include a wide spatula and a grill brush with a stiff wire.

Tips and Tricks For Advanced Charcoal Grill Users

Look, I get it. I empathize with your desire to make the grilling process as smooth as possible. You're already an advanced barbecue specialist, and the steps above may not be really for you. What you want are advanced tips and tricks in barbecuing with a masonry BBQ. Here are some of those tips:

1. Just don't use a gas grill.

Advanced users may be better off using wood chips. This is the simplest advanced trick there is. When you want flavor, stay away from gas.

2. Use Fruit Tree Wood

You as an advanced cook know that you can vary up the flavor by using different fire. If you're using wood from fruit trees, you will also get a varying flavor when you barbecue. Fruit trees are mild in flavor and won't overwhelm your spiced up meat. Wood from fruit trees may also have fewer impurities in them, so that makes your food even more sumptuous to eat.

3. Soaked Wood Chips In Water

It won't take so much time to soak wood chips in water, but the added benefit it brings will be multiplied tenfolds. The water in the wood chips will produce more smoke when you use them for grilling, and that gives your meat a tastier smoky flavor.

4. Low And Slow

The best way to cook any type of grilled meat is to cook them slow. Indirect heat is the way to go for the most flavorful meats. That said, try to cover up the grill when you're cooking, even if you're just dealing with quick-cooking meat such as burgers.

5. Letting The Meat Sit

It's important that you don't immediately slice off the meat right after you cook them. The best way to cut it is after you let it sit first for a few minutes. This process keeps the flavor back to its right place and gives your barbecue the best taste it could have.

Low & Slow New Ways Of Cooking


Did you enjoy the tutorial? Did you learn a lot? Did you find a new way to cooking your food using a Masonry BBQ grill? It's important for me to make this article because I can see that many people are having a hard time looking for the right brick barbecue grill guide.

Did you enjoy the tutorial? Did you learn a lot? Did you find a new way to cooking your food using a Masonry BBQ grill? It's important for me to make this article because I can see that many people are having a hard time looking for the right barbecue guide. Before I let you go, check out this video on how to assemble a modern masonry bbq grill!

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