How To Use And Calibrate A Cooking Thermometer – Complete Instruction

Battery Installation

Replace the battery when the LCD display becomes dim.

  1. ​Remove battery cover on front with a coin.
  2. ​Install one LR44 battery (watch battery) with + positive side up.
  3. ​Fasten battery cover.

Operating Instructions

​Temperature Measurement

  1. ​Press ON/OFF button to turn the thermometer on
  2. ​Clean thermometer stem and insert the tip into food or liquid

​Temperature Scale

Press .F / .C button to switch between Fahrenheit or Celsius

​Data Hold

Before withdrawing the thermometer, press the HOLD button, this will hold the reading until pressed again. “H” will appear in the LCD.

​Max Mode

  1. ​Press MAX button to read the highest temperature detected. “MAX” will appear on the display.
  2. ​Press MAX button a 2nd time to display the lowest temperature detected. “MIN” will appear on the display.
  3. ​Press MAX button a 3rd time to exit the MAX function.

​Self-Calibration (Your Thermometer Comes Pre-Calibrated)

  1. ​Place the stem into at least 1 inch of crushed-ice with water. Don’t let the stem touch the bottom of container.
  2. ​Press the CAL button for 2 seconds. “CAL” appears on the LCD. Now press the on/off button to decrease the temperature by 0.2 degrees and the C/F button to increase the temperature by 0.2 degrees. Do this until the thermometer reaches 32.F and your thermometer will now be re-calibrated.
  3. Video Tutorial
  4. ​To avoid accidental recalibration, this function works only when the ambient temperature is 23 to 41 .F


Do not leave in hot oven or microwave. Extended exposure to high temperatures may damage electronic components. Thermometer is hand wash only. Do not place in dishwasher.

​We hope this tutorial was helpful! Let us know in the comment section bellow if you're already using this handy tool!

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