How To Grill Chuck Eye Steak

How to Grill and Serve Chuck Eye Steaks Like A Pro

Chuck Eye Steak How To Grill Like A Pro

Today’s world is no easy place to live—you’ve got work, family, hobbies and interests--all competing for your time, attention and money. But if you’re a smart dude, you take your pleasures where you find them and live your life without regret. That means steak is no longer an exclusive weekend treat.

Can you name a pleasure that comes close to that of enjoying a beautifully-grilled chuck steak with an icy beer or glass of wine? We think not. But you don’t have to sell the family farm or dig into the kids’ college funds to treat yourself to this feast once you discover chuck eye steaks, an affordable cut that’s delicious and juicy.

Wise grillers refer to the chuck eye steak as “the poor man’s rib eye.” They’re not exaggerating. Rib eye steaks come from the 6th to 12th rib areas on a cow’s anatomy. Chuck eyes are located at the 5th rib, so the taste, texture and pleasure you get from grilling this cut of meat will remind you of the pricier "neighboring" cut you took a pass on because your wallet said, "Are you kidding me?" Beef prices are crazy.

Grill Chuck Eye Steak

Think you can’t afford chuck eye steak? Think again!

As a matter of fact, beef chuck eye steaks are even more exclusive than pedestrian rib eyes because there are only two of them per cow, so it’s not always easy to find this tender cut.. When you do, get out the tongs because these perfect steaks taste like heaven, especially if you add the personal touches that have earned you a reputation. Then you'll get one of the best steaks you've ever cooked - and eaten.

Affordable And Delicious Prime Meat

Think 11-ounces of prime meat for five bucks and change. Now that we’ve opened your eyes to the wonder of a fabulous cut that’s affordable, you can have all the guys over for a grilling party and hold the keys to the kingdom. Share your newfound knowledge with your buds or let them wonder how you manage to snag steaks that taste this good without getting a pay raise!

How to identify a chuck eye steak

Of course, you only shop at butcheries and meat departments that identify cuts, but does that mean you shouldn’t become familiar with the unmistakable appearance of the beef chuck eye? This bad boy of a flavorful cut actually has aliases, so look for labels that read “Chuck Delmonico” or ask the butcher for Front/First Cut/Rib End of a whole boneless chuck roll.

Eyeball the meat and compare it to rib eye cuts. Chuck eyes tend to be a little bit flatter. Call it what you like, but the ideal chuck eye steak is richly marbled and equally flavorful as those neighboring ribs.

How To Identify A Chuck Eye Steak

Grilling pros recommend sautéing chuck eye steaks if no grill is available after marinating them. The herbs, spices and citrus influences bring out this steak’s personality. Our favorite way to prepare this meat cut has been borrowed from the Wicked where Lauren urges grillers “not to be afraid of the salt and black pepper.”

You can also find this easy marinade recipe that goes with any steak:

A dude’s guide to equipment, tools and other stuff

Grab your gear and a beer. It’s time to grill your chuck eye steaks. Aprons not required if you’re a risk taker and love to grill shirtless or in the buff. We only ask that you practice safe grilling so you don’t require medical attention. Now then, if you’re just planning to grill a chuck eye stake without much fanfare, you’ll need:

  • A gas or charcoal grill. If you have a gas grill, here’s a quick tutorial on how to work it!
  • Long-handled utensils like tongs and spatulas
  • Basting brushes
  • Heavy-duty mitts to protect hands and arms
  • Water spritzers (charcoal grills only)
  • Your grilling playlist and music source
  • Chuck eye steaks
  • ​Kosher salt; ​white and black pepper
  • Marinade(s) if this is your GQ (grilling quotient)
  • ​ Chuck steak sauce of your choice
  • Anything else you require to make your grilling experience idyllic
Prepare The Meat Grab Your Gear

8 Steps to achieving chuck eye steak Nirvana

Willing to go the extra mile? Follow Wicked Spatula’s lead to make Grilled Chuck Eye Steaks with Chili Herb Butter.

Even if your reputation as a grill master has yet to be honed, you will change your image fast. The moment you put a dollop of herbed butter atop your perfectly-prepared chuck eye and slide that plate across the table, you become a legend. Follow these step by step instructions:

Step #1: Visit the butcher and purchase 4, 6-to-7-ounce chuck eye steaks

Step #2: ​Lavish the chuck steaks with a teaspoon ground pepper and salt.

Step #3: Place steaks in the ‘fridge for a couple of hours to absorb the spices.

Step #4: Make the chili herb butter: Mash 4 tablespoons soft butter, 1 teaspoon each of minced parsley and cilantro, ½ teaspoons minced chives.

Step #5: Mince half of a Fresno chili. Add it to the butter mix with additional salt and pepper if needed.

Step #6: Prepare your grill by brushing ​the grill grates with coconut oil.

Step #7: Grill steaks (see timing suggestions below).

Step #8: Top each tender steak with a tablespoon of herb butter before serving.

How long is too long for grilling steaks?

Having gone the extra mile to grill a chuck eye steak tasty enough to win a grilling competition and pretty enough to be the star of a grilling magazine centerfold, don’t screw things up by over- or under-cooking your chuck eye steaks. Follow recommendations posted on the Knorr website’s steak cooking page so your guests won’t talk about you behind your back.

Use Times As A Guide For Perfect Result

When grilling a chuck eye steak that’s about 1.5-inch thick, use these times as your guide cooking on medium heat:

Well done: 7.5 minutes on each side

Medium: 7 minutes on each side

Medium rare: 6 minutes on each side

Rare: 5 minutes on each side

Grill a 2-inch thick chuck eye steak according to these recommendations:

Well done: 8.5 minutes on each side

Medium: 8 minutes on each side

Medium rare: 7 minutes on each side

Rare: 6 minutes on each side

Use Times As A Guide For Perfect Result

Variety is the spice of life when chuck eyes are your cut

Can’t get enough info about properly grilling chuck eye steaks? These 4 videos put different spins on preparation and none of them will lead you astray.

1. Do your thing in a cast iron skillet while listening to a little cooking music:

2. Want to take a no-nonsense approach to prepping your chuck eye that’s fast and easy?

3. Love any chuck eye steak recipe that includes beer and onions?

4. Want to give a shout-out to our northern neighbors? Au Canada—we love your style!

10 novel side dishes to show your culinary chops

1. If available, fresh corn-on-the-cob, based with more herb butter and roasted is a natural side.

2. Bundle root veggies into foil packets with olive oil, sea salt and pepper and grill to perfection. Or, here is another recipe for all your vegetarian friends.

3. Surprise fans of Tex-Mex food by serving jack cheese enchiladas on the side with green sauce or add a bit of barbecue sauce.

4. Replace ho-hum garlic bread with cheesy popovers.

5. Do your pals love comfort foods? Serve your ​grilled chuck steaks with a side of mac and cheese.

6. Roast sweet potatoes quarters seasoned with garlic, thyme, crushed red pepper and sea salt.

7. Couscous or rice salad prepared with toasted almonds, lemon and raisins makes an exotic accompaniment.

8. Mix ​grilled steak drippings with angel hair pasta, horseradish and chopped scallions.

9. Channel your inner cowboy: Simmer and serve a big pot of beans sautéed with bacon, onions and spices.

10. Sauté Brussel sprouts in steak fat if you’re using a cast iron pan. Sprinkle with balsamic vinegar.

Add Side Dishes Serve A Drink

Drink up

Having gone to extreme limits to prepare a beef chuck eye steak meal fit for the gods, this is no time to cut corners and grab a gallon of generic wine or skimp on beer brands. Some drinks are more suited to a chuck eye steak than others, so consider these 8 curated picks your PhD (Profoundly Helpful Drink) degree in libations.


-Cabernet Sauvignon from California

-A Chilean Carmenère

-Either a French Madeiran or Bordeaux

-Any Syrah bottled in the Northern Rhone Valley


-Belgian-style dark ales

-Guinness Stout ale

-A full-bodied German Schwarzbier

-Dogfish Brewery makes Raison D'être exclusively for steak eaters.

We have to ask: Are you salivating yet?

If you had to stop reading this more than once because your desire to start the grill or pour a beverage made to accompany your beef chuck eye steak got the better of you, you’re not alone. This guide was meant to turn you on, get your taste buds engaged and show you that by becoming a ​grilled steak aficionado you can become a grilling Adonis without having to empty your wallet or spend time slaving over your grill in pursuit of a meal guaranteed to impress.  Beef chuck steaks are timeless and always welcomed at dinner. The cooking time for this recipe is minimal, and I think you'll definitely find these ideas among some of the best grilling recipes out there.

Increase your reputation by sharing the information in this article with friends—unless you want to keep these secrets all to yourself! There’s a good chance you’ll be emboldened to look beyond our suggestions when it comes to sides and beverages, but just the ability to approach your favorite meat counter with a touch of swagger because you possess the secret to grilling heaven can be downright empowering.

That stated, is there a downside to possessing this much knowledge? You bet your steak knives. Your newfound culinary skills will encourage your pals to return to your place for steak dinner more frequently, so it’s a good idea to stock up on chuck eyes when you shop. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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